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The Occupational Therapy Specialist for inclusion.

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Occupational Therapy support in the mainstream schools.

To promote inclusion in schools, Amazing Kids provides voluntary Occupational Therapy services for this programme until November 2022.

We assess the challenges the child may face in a mainstream school and we work together with the school team and parents to find the right tools to increase the child's success in school.


School Workshops

Supporting schools to create an inclusive environment encouraging children to understand and accept diversity in the classroom.

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Learn more below about how we work.

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The factors preventing your child's success.

How our Occupational Therapist investigates these factors.

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Week 5: Setting up Pro Bono Therapy

This week, I gave a talk to the public on “Investigating the factors impacting the child’s success in learning.” Helping others to teach...

The importance of Inclusion.

We support schools to create an inclusive environment encouraging children to understand and accept diversity in the classroom....

The Occupational Therapy Assessment

One of the mistakes of ineffective teaching is not thoroughly investigating the factors preventing the child's learning. This video gives...

How does your child see success?

Finding out what success means to your child. There are many articles on the internet defining what successful children are and what...

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