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The therapy process

The Therapy Process: Text
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1. Intake interview & Screening

The first step of the process involves an interview to have a better understanding of the child's problems. This is followed by a screening process to have a first look on how the child is experiencing the challenges. This information is essential for the therapist to plan the proper assessment tools.

Duration: 45 mins

2. Assessments

The therapist may utilise standardised assessments to pin point the skills that the individual is having challenges in. Apart from assessing the person, the therapist may also assess the environment of the person.  For example, the therapist may do a home or school visit. To learn more about our comprehensive assessment procedure, read our article; Investigating the Factors preventing your child's success.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours


3. Assessment results & treatment goals.

The therapist will explain to you the results of the assessments and identify which skills the therapy sessions will strengthen on to achieve the goals of the treatment. 

Duration: 30 - 45 mins

4. Therapy Sessions & Progress Reviews

The therapy sessions may be done at the client's natural environment such as the home, school or playground area and/or the Occupational Therapist's space or  gym. 

Parent-coaching is an integral part of our therapy. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the sessions to learn the strategies to apply at home or school and discuss their enquiries. This frequent review of the child's development facilitates progress. 

We also work with teachers and other therapy professionals involved in the child's developmental treatment.

Duration of treatment varies for each individual.

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5. Discharge

One of the factors that leads to a discharge from the therapy is when the child is able to apply the skills successfully in the child's own natural environment. This means that the child has met the therapy goals. At this point, the therapist will discuss with parents a plan to discharge the child from therapy.

The Therapy Process: Activities
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