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  • Nur Y. Smits

Setting up Pro Bono Therapy. An Occupational Therapist’s journey.

Week 1 : The journey starts.

How does a journey start for a change maker?

Mine started with a feeling I had in my heart that kept lingering. Although I knew I was in a career that was providing me with a comfortable income, somehow the comfort never lasted long. That feeling that I could do better to help more kept lingering.

A feeling turned into actions, when I would do as much as I could do for my students even if it meant working beyond my working hours.

And yet, this also didn’t seemed enough. The actions grew bolder and I made my first vlog advocating for more support for children with disabilities. My goal is to set up a Pro Bono Therapy service.

I can’t do this alone, the heart must lie with the nation for something like this to be successful. And so I am opening up to you, inviting you to join me in my vlogs through this process of setting up a Pro Bono Service.

Welcome to a journey of trials, of tears, of persistence and of passion. I hope you will stay with me through this journey.

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