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Image by Francois Linde

Nur has a gift of connecting with children in a kind and positive way which helps my child feel immediately at ease. Every time my daughter returns from a session with Nur she is noticeably happy, calm, and regulated. I am pleased to see the steady progress she’s making week by week. 

I believe that an effective therapist makes the tasks challenging and fun at the same time, while making sure that a child ultimately feels a sense of security, confidence, and accomplishment. Nur is truly such a therapist who is also extremely passionate about empowering and educating the parents to better understand our child’s needs. 

I am so grateful for Nur and feel that our daughter is in great hands under her care. Thank you Nur!                                   

                       Julie, parent of student.

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Image by Markus Spiske

My students show good improvements after taking Occupational Therapy sessions with Nur. She always pays attention to detail and places high focus on the specific needs of my students. Apart from seeing the students individually in sessions, she also makes an effort to observe students in the classroom environment and then gives recommendations that are targeted to their areas of need.

Besides this, Nur also uses play in her therapy to help my students. I find my students enjoy her sessions and look forward to them weekly. The techniques she recommended have been proven effective as Nur always takes the trouble to explain them with clear steps and provides video guides to follow them. I find this holistic as both teachers and parents can then understand the reasoning behind applying Nur’s recommendations and help the child consistently. Thank you, Nur, for your all rounded guidance.

Teacher Durga

Testimonials: Activities
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